Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Building My Little Nest

You never know what sorts of things you may find in a magpie's nest, these birds who are notorious for their love of the shiny object. Like a magpie, I have been collecting a variety of shiny objects...coveting all sorts of goodies to turn into jewelry and various projects. Unlike the magpie though, I have not been stealing my lovely little trinkets....I have been haunting the thrift stores and of course the normal crafty locales.

Then there are those pieces that are not so shiny. Lately I have been attracted to the old and broken. Lone earrings. Broken necklaces. Then I got lucky enough recently to be allowed to play in an old tool shed. Oooh, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I got a little sack of goodies to bring home to my nest. Skeleton keys. Funky shaped washers. Bits of bike chain. All sorts of rusty, dusty treasures. I could have stayed there all day. I borrowed a few old tools just to take more time to look at them more carefully, they truly fascinate me. There are pieces that I took that I will never alter, like an old pocket watch.

So I now am looking for more things like I found in that tool shed. Now my eye turns to places I never thought to look before. The hardware store. The attic. So now I am in a magpie state of mind....who knows what treasures I will find. Guh. I blame the recent resurgence of Dr Seuss in my house for that last part.

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